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What is FearShrinker?
FearShrinker is an iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch application designed for the young child (ages 4-8 years) who is scared or worried. Many young children react very fearfully to new situations or people, or other daily events such as the dark or leaving their parents, while they are actually safe. Other children worry ahead of time about these events or other situations in which they experienced fear. FearShrinker provides a road map for young children to reduce their fear response by choosing effective coping strategies.

Designed by Psychologists
FearShrinker is based on the idea that children have unique personalities and coping styles. With this product they can create a tailor-made approach to reducing fears. To use, a parent hands FearShrinker to the child when s/he is experiencing fear, yet is actually safe. After the child plays with the program, the parent and child view the results summary together. In this way, the parent and child learn the child’s most effective coping strategies to increase successes.

How does FearShrinker Help Children?
FearShrinker teaches young children ways to cope with fears, along with “Puffy” the fish.  Children learn to play, relax, imagine in addition to other strategies.  These strategies can be used in the moment to feel calm, while also helping them to cope later.

What types of fears, worries and anxiety does FearShrinker target?

  • the dark
  • nightmares
  • angry faces
  • new people and places
  • losing parents
  • being laughed at/embarrassment
  • “worrywart” fears
  • making mistakes/perfectionism
  • getting sick
  • excessive fear of scary stories, movies and thoughts
  • not being able to breathe or swallow

E-mail Feedback to Parents
FearShrinker offers the option to receive a summary email of what your child learned and practiced.

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